Shooting in the Garage

Picture of the Month – September 2013

It’s been a few months since I closed the studio, and that meant a lot of equipment, clothing, and props had to be moved home. Most of it found it’s way into my garage, and it slowly got unpacked and organized.

This month I tried using my workshop space for a few photo shoots. I have enough room to set up the seamless background, and a few lights, including my boom. It’s a bit tight, but it’s workable. For the summer anyways, since there isn’t any heat in the workshop, and with 16ft ceilings, it would take forever to heat it with portable heaters.

Caroline, the model in this shot came over mostly to model some vintage clothing reproductions for Lori’s website. When we were done with Lori’s clothing, I had Caroline try on this corset, which I’ve had for awhile, but it took someone with a specific figure to properly fill it out.