Titus Family Portraits

It’s been awhile since I’ve done family portraits as I’m no longer actively pursuing that part of the photography business. But I love doing them when friends ask.

Such was the case when fellow Ferndale firefighter Andy Titus asked me to photograph his family, including his new born daughter, Quincy.

He picked two beautiful locations for the shoot. We started out at the old Russ house on Price Creek School Rd. I had driven by this house several times and never noticed it as it is hidden from the street. But it is a great old house, with a really lovely garden. Lori and I were given a tour of the home, and every room provides such spectacular views of the garden. They plan to turn it into a wedding venue, and I can easily see it being an in-demand location to get married.

Titus family portrait 20140525-Titus Family-28_1 20140525-Titus Family-35_1 20140525-Titus Family-46_1 20140525-Titus Family-54_1 20140525-Titus Family-66_1 Titus Family Portrait

I was hoping to do the final portrait during sunset, and all day I watched clouds come and go and wondered if it was going to be too cloudy, or not enough clouds for a nice sunset. The family’s patience of waiting for the sun to set was rewarded with a beautiful display of colors over the Eel River valley. Tucker and Quincy missed it, as it had been a long day for them.