Trinidad State Beach

Picture of the Month – August 2013

Most often when I go out for motorcycle rides or for taking pictures, I tend to travel east or south from Ferndale as I can literally be on great roads or have great scenery 1/4 mile from my driveway.

I don’t tend to explore in the northernly direction much because it means I have to drive through Eureka before I get anywhere fun. But recently I’ve been making a point of traveling up that way more often.

On a recent weekend I wanted to go to a beach to fly a new kite I bought. My first thought was to go to Clam Beach because I had never been there. So I looked it up on the web and it didn’t look very interesting so instead I planned to go to Trinidad State Beach which is much prettier.

Good thing to, because as we left Ferndale it was a gorgeous day. Just as we got to Clam Beach it was terribly foggy. But surprise, on the other side of Clam Beach, the sun was out and it was just as gorgeous as it had been in Ferndale.

We had a great afternoon flying the stunt kite, then went for a hike up on Trinidad Head. We had a bit of time to kill before sunset, so a great steak and prawn dinner at Seascape fit the bill. With out tummies happy, we returned to the beach and waited for the sunset.

This shot used a 15 second exposure which turned the waves silky.

Trinidad State Beach Sunset