Soiled Dove

December 2015

During Ferndale’s hospitality night, Lori and I made our usual rounds of our favorite stores in Ferndale, and one that has always enchanted us, even before we moved here, is the Golden Gait mercantile store.

Filled with all kinds of wonderful merchandise downstairs, including my favorite brand of licorice, the Golden Gait is always a wonderful place to stop in and shop or just browse. If you do, don’t miss the trip upstairs, where there are displays of vintage store windows with mannequins wearing true vintage clothes, and many, many vintage items displayed around them.

In one window I noticed a really nice pair of Victorian shoes, and since I had a shoot planned with Mo, who has really tiny feet, I asked the owner, Julie Knowles (no relation) if I could borrow those shoes for the shoot. She graciously loaned them, and I’m so glad because they added so much to the shoot. We have some reproduction shoes, but they’re not like the wonderful button down shoes I was able to use. Having the right shoes makes my “soiled dove” image look far more believable.

Victorian lady getting dressed in her boudoir