Vintage Fashion Shoot With Kobi

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a new model profile on Model Mayhem, and while the 6 photos that she had in her profile weren’t professional quality, there was one photo that showed her lovely, long, thick hair in a braid that attracted my attention. That and her diminutive measurements meant she would be ideal for shooting some of Lori’s vintage clothing.

So we scheduled a shoot, and yesterday, she showed up with her “parental unit” (since she’s only 16) right on time. That always makes me happy right off the bat.

We first dressed her in an 1890s ensemble of black silk. We started with a layer of underwear, corseted her in, added a couple of layers of petticoats, and then the final outer layer of bodice and skirt. Adding the Victorian pirate hat, one of my favorites from the collection, she ended up quite at home in our Victorian parlor.

1890s Black Silk Ensemble

Next she changed into a blue velvet bodice that was recently generously gifted to Lori from Laura Hussey. This bodice is probably from around 1888, the same year as our house.

1888 Blue Velvet Bodice

This next bodice is a reproduction piece that Lori made. It features the huge balloon sleeves popular around 1895. We will be adding it to Lori’s vintage clothing reproduction website soon should you wish to purchase it.

1895 Bodice reproduction by Lori Knowles

Next we moved Kobi into the early 1900s with this white cotton jacket from around 1907, also gifted by Laura. This outfit reminded me of the clothes often worn by the lead character in Bramwell, a Masterpiece Theatre series. The skirt is part of an 1898 ensemble and the blouse is from about the same period as the jacket.

1907 White Cotton Jacket

Finally, we brought her back to the 21st century, and let her show off that great mane of hers. Here she is wearing a silk corset cover from the teens.

1915 Silk Corset Cover

Kobi proved to be a pleasure to work with, especially for a first time model. Lori and I are looking forward to having her over again for more dress up time.