Walking the Neighborhood

Since recovering from our surgeries, Lori and I have been trying to go on more walks around Ferndale to get back our stamina. It’s been hard because the weather has been so cold and wet, but on the days that it hasn’t been pouring we’ve tried to get out for at least a short walk.

On these walks I never fail to realize just how lucky we are to live in this beautiful town. I also usually curse myself because I don’t bring a camera. I need to get back in the habit of always carrying a camera with me, even if it’s just my little point and shoot Pentax.

Today’s walk I grabbed the D80 on the way out the door and took a few pictures of two of my favorite local barns.

The first one is the Becker’s barn, which is still in use. It is very distinctive for it’s roof (which sorry to say, I don’t know the architectural term for this style of roof) and of course the barn red color makes it stand out from the green of the pasture and forested hills.

Becker's Barn

Becker's Barn

This second barn sits across the road from the Catholic cemetery. It’s using the latest technology, green roofing.