Waterfall in McKinleyville?

It has always surprised me that an area like Humboldt with its ample mountains and rainfall, doesn’t have any good waterfalls. Sure there are minor cascades here and there, but until recently I had not heard any accounts of true waterfalls in Humboldt county.

So imagine my surprise when I heard about one in McKinleyville of all places. I haven’t explored McKinleyville much, my trips there have pretty much ended at Millers Nursery. But just off Turner Rd. you’ll find this waterfall.

Unfortunately, this is the only photo I got of it. The path down to where you can see it better was wet and slippery and I was using my tripod as an aid to steady myself. Somehow I managed to hit the quick release on the tripod, and to my horror, my D600 and 24-70mm did just that, released quickly.

In 35 years of photography, I’ve never had a camera fall off of a tripod. Of course when it did happen, I happened to be on a steep slope. The camera and lens tumbled down the rocks and soon parted ways, the lens continuing a bit further until it dropped into a pool of water.

I was able to retrieve both pieces. The camera is in pretty good shape, not even a dent in the body, but of course the lens mount is broken. The lens is in pretty good physical shape, no dents on it, but I don’t have high hopes for it after it got submerged. Both are sent off to Nikon, I guess I’ll find out in week or so what the damages are.

McKinleyville Waterfall