Wreck on Fernbridge

Picture of the Month – October 2011

This month’s POTM isn’t so much about the picture, as the camera that took it.

12 years ago I purchased my first digital camera, an Epson 850Z, that cost me just under $1000. What did I get for a grand? I got a 2 megapixel camera, that could take 20 pictures before the card filled up, or the batteries died. It did have a hot shoe though so I could use my studio lights with it.

My latest digital camera cost me $299, and it has four times the resolution as the Epson did. It also shoots 1080p HD video, let’s me check email, surf the web, play anything from my entire music collection, oh, and I can even make phone calls on it.

If I want to play James Kirk, I can even talk to my camera and command it do what I want.

What an amazing amount of progress in just 12 years. My new iPhone 4S is the best camera in the world, because it’s the one that’s with me.

It was with me when I ran out the door responding to the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department for a traffic collision on Fernbridge. I had just purchased the camera a few days earlier so this is the first time I used the camera function.

Steve, you left us with an amazing piece of technology to play with.

Wreck on Fernbridge