Ferndale Dance Academy – 2020 Production of Nutcracker

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the Ferndale Dance Academy wasn’t able to do their usual spring and winter dance recitals. Instead, Laura East put on a production of the Nutcracker ballet, which was videotaped and will be available shortly.

Here are the still photos that I took during the production of the video.

This was a challenging experience for dancers and photographer alike. Kudos to the dancers for toughing it out on the cold November day. Temps started out around 45 degrees, and warmed up only to the high 50s. By the end of the 9 hour shoot I was freezing and I was wearing thermal underwear and a down vest. I could only imagine how cold it must have been wearing only leotards and tights.

Parents and students, please feel free to download and re-post any images you like. I would appreciate it if you could link to my web site, and please do not crop or edit the photos in anyway. The copyright notice must remain intact.