Photo Restoration

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We all have old photographs that we treasure, whether they are old family photographs passed on from previous generations, or historic photographs of the homes and towns we live in. But sometimes bad things happen to photos such as stains, rips and fading. Even properly stored photos can succumb to the ravages of time. We are experts at digitally restoring your most treasured photographs, leaving your originals untouched.

We understand that many old photographs are truly one of a kind. For your peace of mind, we can scan them while you wait so they never have to leave your possession. If you have a lot of photos to preserve, we can even come to your home and scan them there. For further security, we also backup your digital restorations off site, and we can burn your images onto CD’s or DVD’s so you can safely store digital versions for future generations.

Originals accepted: Any size of B/W and color prints, slides, and negatives (including glass negatives)

Prices: There are two components to the restoration of your old photographs, the scan and retouching, and the actual print.

Received my beautiful order. They are in frames, hung on my dining room wall and the 5x7s are also framed and gift wrapped for my sisters.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with them.

I’m wondering if you ever received my check as I don’t see that it has gone through my bank as yet. Please deposit it. You deserve every penny and then some.

I shall hold on to your business cards should any of my family or friends need your services.

D. Brown – Miami, FL

Scan And Restoration Prices

Minor Fixes $5.00 The photo only needs minor dust and scratch removal, and/or contrast and color corrections made. (See example 6)
Medium Fixes $30.00 The photo has major scratches, or a lot of mildew/water stains. (See examples 3 & 4)
Major Fixes $80.00/hour The photo has portions missing, or major retouching is needed. We will provide an estimate for the repairs before starting. (See examples 1, 2, & 5)

Print Prices

Up to 5×8 $7.50
Up to 8.5×11 $10.00
Up to 11×17 $20.00
Call or email for sizes above 11×17
CD* $10.00
DVD* $15.00 * If you are having multiple photos restored at the same time, we can create a slide show on CD or DVD, in addition to the high resolution archive versions of the files.

Click the images to see more detail.

Photo Restoration Example 1

Historic Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Example 2

Historic Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Example 3

Vintage Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Example 4

Vintage Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Example 5

Antique Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Example 6

Antique Photo Restoration