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Picture of the Month

Every month I post an image that I especially liked that was taken that month. Some images are chosen because I think they’re a great image, but sometimes it’s the experience or the subject that matters the most.

American Goldfinch


After the demise of my Triumph Sprint ST due to hitting a huge pothole on South Fork Mountain Rd., I decided to use part of the insurance payout to buy a lens I’ve long desired, Nikon’s 70-200mm 2.8. Not wanting to spend $1600 for the latest version, I found a great deal on a used example of the previous version of this lens. It also happened to come with a 2x multiplier so it gives me an effective focal length of 400mm, perfect for taking picture of the birds at our feeder so we can identify them.

I’ve been keeping track of the birds we spot on our Knowlesville web site and occasionally a new bird shows up or I get confused because of the variability of the species. This bird for example, the American Goldfinch, can look quite different depending on if it is male or female, and whether it’s breeding or not. This happens to be a female with her non-breeding plumage, which is far duller than her summer plumage, which is in turn even more duller than her male counterpart which is bright yellow.

For identifying birds, other animals, and plants, I’ve found the Seek app to be indispensable. Even if I don’t take the original photo on my iPhone, I can point the iPhone at my computer monitor and use it that way to make the identification. For birds, another useful tool is the Aububon app.

Female American Goldfinch













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