Cécile Brünner Rose Arbor

June 2015

Back when we lived in San Jose, we visited the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden one spring when their Cécile Brünner rose arbor was in full bloom, and it was a spectacular site. That was the inspiration for constructing and planting our 150 foot long Cécile Brünner rose arbor at our house in Ferndale.

The arbor has 18 rose bushes, all propagated of the last two remaining bushes we had from our first attempt at planting roses in the front yard. Of the original 13 we planted, most were instantly destroyed by the local population of deer, a problem we never had with our roses in San Jose.

When we did the flood control work in the front yard, we moved the remaining roses to the back yard and then built the arbor. That in itself was a long process, as life intervened and we had more important problems to take care off. When it was finally finished, I moved the two remaining Cécile Brünner roses to flank the gate. I then started propagating the bushes for the remainder of the arbor. Some of them are still getting established, but by next year it should look pretty balanced for the full length of the arbor. It is going to require a major pruning next winter as it’s getting so big the house is disappearing behind it. But when it’s in full bloom it is a sight to see and smell.

Cécile Brünner rose arbor